Sony Credit Card


Sony has figured out a way to make sure that people are going to continue to buy their items. They have been promoting their Sony Credit Card and it has a few perks to go with it just to keep everyone interested in using it. For starters it has a Visa logo on it so it is used anywhere that Visa is accepted. They have their points system also in place just so you can gain the most points possible quickly. Of course they have made it to where you will gain five points for every dollar spent at any of the Sony stores as well as their website. Then you can also gain three points for each dollar spent when you use your card for dining out and movie theater outings. Lastly you will gain only one point for each dollar spent on all other purchases that you make with your card.

Also, you are able to gain an extra 5,000 points upon your very first purchase with your Sony Credit Card which gives you a nice boost into your account if you are trying to save up points for something in particular. For example, for someone who is eyeballing one of the new laptops or televisions offered by Sony, you are then possibly trying to save up points to go towards that purchase. Actually this happens to be the very best and most popular use for this card. With all the products Sony has to offer, it's no wonder that more people want the Sony Credit Card just so they can save a little on their next Sony purchase.

One thing that you need to be aware of with the Sony Credit Card that they may not tell you is this: When you purchase one of the Sony products with your card they will only give you one point per dollar at the time of the sale. In order to get the other four points owed to you have to ask for and complete a form to send to get the other four points for each dollar on your purchase. This part is a hassle and hopefully Sony will realize this and just make sure people are receiving their points in full at the time so they will not have to go through a mailing process each time they want to get the points they owed.

Also, you must register in the rewards program first to redeem your points. Basically this card is best for people who are really spending big. Spending big isn't hard because most Sony products are on the expensive side anyway. However, the only bad side to the Sony Credit Card at the current time is that they are making it a complicated process just to claim your points. When you realize you are going to want that nice Sony laptop or laptop but don't really have the funds, start checking out the Sony Credit Card so you can build up some points with them to help out towards that purchase.